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  • Does Your Fundraiser Need an Audiovisual Team?

    Does your fundraiser need an audiovisual team?


    In short: yes.


    Companies and organizations hold fundraisers in order to ...Read More

  • Attention Meeting Planners: 5 Tips for Making Your Job Easier

    Meeting planners have a hard job. They have to coordinated multiple vendors and block hotel rooms for large groups. They have to find meals that everyone will enjoy. ...Read More

  • With Events, Sometimes You Can’t Control Everything

    Sometimes events just don't turn out the way you want them to. Weather, technical glitches, unforeseen circumstances—there is so much that can prevent a ...Read More

  • Consistency: Choosing an AV Provider

    There are many benefits to hiring your own AV provider rather than sticking with an in-house AV crew. One of those benefits is consistency.


    <...Read More
  • Adding a Scavenger Hunt to Your Next Event

    Scavenger hunts used to be something you'd only hear about at a kid's party. Nowadays, they are used at all sorts of events: college welcome days, city-wide bar ...Read More

  • Is Teleconferencing Right For You?

    Teleconferencing is a conference that is streamed lived online and transmitted to viewers across the globe. Also referred to as videoconferencing or webcasting, teleconferencing is different in that ...Read More

  • Choosing a Projector for Your Event

    Choosing a projector is difficult. If you're not in the tech business, researching projectors may read like gibberish. There are lumens and contrast ratios and LCD versus DLP--what ...Read More

  • Tips to Wake Up Your Early Morning Meeting

    As a meeting planner, one of the hardest obstacles is getting people to an early morning meeting. Your staffers and your attendees have busy lives, and getting up ...Read More

  • Why Events Need a Charging Station

    How many of us have been in this situation: you're at an event, texting your friend, and your battery drops to 10%? You look for a charging station. There ...Read More

  • Networking: Meet and Greet or Game Time?

    Every event needs a networking session. This is a chance for attendees to make valuable career and social connections. Some people come to events specifically for networking purposes. ...Read More

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  • Next Generation Productions, Inc.

    I would highly recommend Scott and his company for anyone looking for an exceptional staging partner.-Paul Rokuskie Founder / President / Executive Producer at Next Generation Productions, Inc.

  • Lasertech Productions

    When we call upon the pros at Stage Right, it’s like hiring the Olympic team of the staging world. Our media-savvy clients require the ultimate in technical quality and precision performance.

  • Wyeth Pharmaceuticals

    I would like to award Stage Right, Inc. with the “Multi Award of Excellence” plaque for the flawless execution of our meetings for the past 20 years.

  • BioScience Communications

    Where can I even begin? I know there were so many changes with our group (and then some), and you were absolutely amazing. We all know that these meetings are high-stress level functions and that the AV component can often determine the success of the meeting.