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  • Adding a Scavenger Hunt to Your Next Event

    Scavenger hunts used to be something you'd only hear about at a kid's party. Nowadays, they are used at all sorts of events: college welcome days, city-wide bar ...Read More

  • Is Teleconferencing Right For You?

    Teleconferencing is a conference that is streamed lived online and transmitted to viewers across the globe. Also referred to as videoconferencing or webcasting, teleconferencing is different in that ...Read More

  • Choosing a Projector for Your Event

    Choosing a projector is difficult. If you're not in the tech business, researching projectors may read like gibberish. There are lumens and contrast ratios and LCD versus DLP--what ...Read More

  • Tips to Wake Up Your Early Morning Meeting

    As a meeting planner, one of the hardest obstacles is getting people to an early morning meeting. Your staffers and your attendees have busy lives, and getting up ...Read More

  • Why Events Need a Charging Station

    How many of us have been in this situation: you're at an event, texting your friend, and your battery drops to 10%? You look for a charging station. There ...Read More

  • Networking: Meet and Greet or Game Time?

    Every event needs a networking session. This is a chance for attendees to make valuable career and social connections. Some people come to events specifically for networking purposes. ...Read More

  • Meeting Planners: Learning Outside Your Industry

    Meeting planners never stop learning. Whether it's which caterer to hire, which venue to never use again, or what new technology will boost your event, your job continually ...Read More

  • Millennials: How to Attract Them and Keep Them

    There is one question frequently asked by every industry today: how do we attract millennials? Millennials, also known as Gen Y, are the generation born between the early 1980...Read More

  • Hello My Name Is: 5 Ways to Improve Your Name Badges

    Every event needs name badges. Name badges help people get to know each other, remember each other, and learn about one another. Plain white card stock badges with ...Read More

  • 10 Ways to Beat the Creativity Rut

    When planning an event, do you ever feel like your creativity well has run dry? Just like a writer gets “writer’s block” event planners can get “event ...Read More

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  • Next Generation Productions, Inc.

    I would highly recommend Scott and his company for anyone looking for an exceptional staging partner.-Paul Rokuskie Founder / President / Executive Producer at Next Generation Productions, Inc.

  • Lasertech Productions

    When we call upon the pros at Stage Right, it’s like hiring the Olympic team of the staging world. Our media-savvy clients require the ultimate in technical quality and precision performance.

  • Wyeth Pharmaceuticals

    I would like to award Stage Right, Inc. with the “Multi Award of Excellence” plaque for the flawless execution of our meetings for the past 20 years.

  • BioScience Communications

    Where can I even begin? I know there were so many changes with our group (and then some), and you were absolutely amazing. We all know that these meetings are high-stress level functions and that the AV component can often determine the success of the meeting.