How to Combat Shocking Hotel Event Production Costs in 2023

Posted on: February 24, 2023

Planning a 2023 meeting, conference or event at a hotel is going to cost you more. And, depending on where you hold your next event, hotel event production costs could bite hard.

Inflation, supply-chain challenges, and staffing shortages contribute to soaring prices in the events industry. Airfare, hotel room rates, and food and beverage are all up, as the return to in-person events is converging with pent-up demand for event space that is in short supply.

Hotel room rates went up 18 percent in 2022 and can expected to keep on rising this year. Fees and surcharges — which took a breather during the pandemic – are back on the rise as well. Prepare for even higher resort fees, amenities charges, surcharges, mandatory gratuities, credit card fees, convenience fees, and admin fees.

Long-time clients and new prospects tell us what they’re being quoted for everything related to their events and the terms they’re being held to. But their biggest alarm comes from quoted prices for audiovisual and meeting room rentals. One figure for a major metro hotel property was double what it charged in previous years.

We routinely counsel clients to review hotel AV contracts to negotiate the most favorable terms and conditions to manage hotel event production costs. It matters now more than ever.

There are considerable trade-offs when using a hotel’s in-house AV service compared to audiovisual event production specialists. The latter’s sole business is to deliver precision, stand-out corporate and organization events. So when you’re scheduling your event, consider the following:

Bottom line, in this era of over inflated hotel event production costs you have options to control your budget.

To help you get that true and potentially less expensive AV solution, contact us. We’ll conduct an event production contract review to figure out what works best for your event and budget. For free. Email us at, or call (888) 770-0576