We’re audio visual professionals who decided the industry needed a change just when it was undergoing a lot of it.

When Stage Right, Inc. opened for business in 1991, founders Scott Stedronsky and Ovidio Urcina, Jr. recognized event staging equipment, technology and workflows were undergoing rapid transformation. Too much prepackaged, off-the-shelf solutions audio-visual companies offered at the time wouldn’t satisfy the growing sophistication and needs of the event industry.

To stay ahead, they realized in addition to experienced audio visual and event production smarts, managing those changes required more upfront and rigorous planning to satisfy clients. As well as grow a business.

So, Stage Right, Inc. set out to better understand what clients wanted – and needed – to accomplish with their events and deliver them with greater professionalism and value. Thus, began the progression of what would become StageCraft™, Stage Right, Inc.’s proprietary planning and execution process.

Every “show”, no matter the size, begins with client dialogue to understand audiences, event goals and how they align with client organization objectives. That prepares us to seamlessly augment our skills and experience with the talents and needs of meeting planners, CMOs, agencies, event producers, and production managers.

Over the years, a single process morphed into three dozen distinctive protocols (and growing), as well as client relationships that span decades. You won’t see us geek out over every detail, but they’re there, guiding your event to its successful conclusion.

Yes, we are AV guys, but we’re in the business of making sure we understand what you want to achieve with yours. Our promise and mission are baked into our tagline: Get your next event right.

Leadership Team

We’re a team of AV enthusiasts and bring together distinctive skill sets that deliver the fullest of event capabilities.

Scott Stedronsky

Ovidio Urcina, Jr.

Bob Lockley

Ed Walker