New Video Equipment Equals Improved Capabilities

Posted on: October 10, 2018

So we’ve been sharing information about the substantial investment in new equipment Stage Right, Inc. made this summer, beginning with all our audio gear purchases. Let’s move on to new video equipment.

First, to handle large cutting-edge production operations we took possession the 4K-ready E2 Presentation Management System and Event Master EC50 controller from Barco.

Combined these Barco products offer our clients one of the most advanced video processing and presentation control systems on the market. The Barco E2 is an impressive live event solution that supports native 4K input and output and can handle 4K projector blending at 60Hz. With full show control capabilities, it’s versatile, expandable and durable.

Our customers are always expecting more capabilities. The powerful EC50 Controller delivers advanced screen mapping, expandable configurations, source selection, seamless switching, video effects and integrated control of multiple screens from a surprisingly compact device.

Our other new video production acquisition is all about combining quality with flexibility. We have added several Roland V-60HD video switchers to our arsenal. The Roland V-60HD is a full-featured video switcher/mixer in a small package. This has helped it quickly become what is considered to be the best small-scale mixer in the market. Our video engineers love what Roland has created in this simple and compact package.

The V-60HD is packed with features and broadens the capabilities of what we can do for clients at an event, in a breakout room or in a panel discussion. So, if our clients need to add cameras, another laptop, graphics, or decide they want to live stream a meeting, we have a new piece of equipment that is ideal for the job.

Next up is new staging equipment.