New Lighting Equipment Equals More Color and Environments

Posted on: November 29, 2018

We’ve told you about the extensive equipment investment Stage Right, Inc. made this past summer, including audio, video and staging acquisitions. We round out our overview with new lighting equipment.

We purchased a number of SEVEN Batten 72™ and SEVEN Batten 14™ units from Elation. The draw for these battens is their ability to project uniform color onto any scenic or backdrop surface. Thus, they deliver better and greater uniformity in color mixing. With the new 7-in-1 color RGBAW + Lime + UV combination that no other luminaire has, this light can pull out all the stops.

To control and extract the most out of this new lighting, we paired them with High End System’s HedgeHog X4 lighting control consoles. These self-contained consoles and the Elation battens almost seem as if they were designed for each other. Both maximize the other’s capabilities to serve up a variety of looks from the Hog’s sophisticated effects engine.

Finally, to expand the flexibility of our lighting capabilities, we’ve been phasing out older lamp fixtures and replacing them with Elation’s LED CW Profile HP IP lekos.

Unlike our lamp-based lekos, these high power LED fixtures don’t require dimmers or heavy multi-cables to interconnect. This translates into lighter and smaller loads to transport. The fixtures also have a high IP rating, allowing indoor and outdoor use, affording our clients expanded lighting ability and availability.

So, now you’re up to speed on our new lighting equipment. Stay tuned for what’s next!