New Audio Equipment Equals Improved Capabilities

Posted on: September 10, 2018

Stage Right, Inc. makes it a practice to routinely assess our audio, video, switching, scenic, and staging gear inventory so we maintain our edge in exceeding client expectations. To that end, we’ve expanded our equipment catalog with a number of acquisitions, beginning with new components and systems added to our already deep audio capabilities.

Everyone knows d&b Audio’s reputation as THE supplier for major music acts the world over. If it’s good enough for them, it’s good enough for us.

We added the T Series T10 Loudspeaker system, which offers two different loudspeaker technologies in one flexible package. They deliver impressive performance as the smallest d&b line array. We power them and our new V-Sub subwoofers with d&b’s D20 proprietary amplifiers.

This equipment combo runs on a tenth of the power, yet broadcasts sound with greater dynamic range. Their smaller size saves on space and weight, which enhances transport and fuel savings.

For sound processing, we stay with industry-leading Yamaha by picking up several more QL5 32/64 channel digital consoles and TF3-CA 24-channel models. We like the built-in mixer and having a plethora of effects readily available. The footprints of both boards are far smaller and weigh much less.

We also procured a range of other equipment to keep our client’s presentations clear, on schedule and in constant touch.

To keep programming tight, we’re playing audio cues for intros, stingers, walk-ons and walk-offs with greater immediacy with the Instant Replay 2 from 360 Systems. It places 1,000 audio cuts at our fingertips with instant access to an entire audio library of our own creation.

The Telos HX2 are the most advanced POTS hybrids, earning a worldwide reputation for extracting clean, clear caller audio from even the most difficult telephone calls.

The ever-reliable Countryman ISOMax4 was our choice for new lectern microphones.

With the emergence of Shure’s new Axient Digital wireless mic system, it was clear which direction to go. The Axient system boosts confidence in interference-free presentations and flexibility in light of RF spectrum pressure. With an unprecedented level of signal stability and audio clarity, plus flexible hardware options, advanced connectivity, and comprehensive control, it’s a wireless system built to take on the frequency challenges of today — and tomorrow.

Everyone knows the importance of wireless com when communicating with mobile crewmembers in the venue. And with the UHF frequency spectrum availability becoming smaller and smaller each year, the Clear-Com FreeSpeak II system was the answer. More flexible and powerful, it cuts down on interference and integrates with other communications systems seamlessly. It can even hook up through the Internet, allowing crews in multiple cities to communicate.

Stay tuned for a breakdown on our latest video acquisition.