Stage Right, Inc. Doubling Down on LEDs

Posted on: February 21, 2024

Many in the meeting and trade show space acknowledge how LED screens are gaining in popularity as the preferred visual presentation medium. It’s why Stage Right, Inc. is doubling down on LEDs.

Here’s what they may not know: The maker of LED screens and the batch they come from matters considerably. 

“When building an LED wall for an event, all the LED lights in that wall must be from the same manufacturer and created at the same time. This is so all the lights deliver the proper color and brightness match”, says Scott Stedronsky, a principal of Stage Right, Inc. “This is so critical that manufacturers always make buyers aware of who else is purchasing matching product from a specific batch.”

Recognizing this trend and knowing what to look for, Stage Right, Inc. saw an opportunity to double its LED screen inventory. One of the companies who shared in Stage Right, Inc.’s batch was looking to sell. 

“We jumped on the opportunity, and added 412 Unilumin UPAD III panels with 2.6 mm pixel pitch. These match the 500 tiles we already have on hand,” says Scott.

How does this nearly doubled LED inventory help Stage Right, Inc. clients? Availability.

Anyone is limited to the size wall they can build by the number of tiles they own with a single batch of LEDs. Stage Right now has the capability to build 100 foot long walls… and bigger.

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Needing a big presentation display for your next meeting or conference? Our expanded LED title capability can provide greater creativity and visual impact. Let us know what you’re looking for here.