2.6mm LED Display Panels: Finally, Enough Resolution to Display Small Text

Posted on: August 3, 2019

Stage Right, Inc. made extensive equipment investments in audiovideostaging and lighting in 2018. We continue our acquisitions in 2019. This time with new 2.6mm LED display panels that broaden our flexibility and adaptability in front of the stage and behind it.

We purchased 600 square feet of UPADlll2 LED tile inventory from global leader Unilumin. The indoor video tiles can be built into walls to display any source of video imaginable, and do it to where even small text is readable.

This technology expands our display options, particularly when not enough back stage area is available for a traditional projector setup, or too much ambient light makes a projected image difficult to see.

These connectable and stackable panels can be flown or ground supported. Their set up is flexible to create convex and concave curves up to 5 and 10 degrees, respectively. The UPADIII2 also delivers a massive viewing angle of 140 degrees horizontally and 120 degrees vertically. No projector/screen combo in the world can duplicate this.

Finally, the UPADII2’s handle design supports quicker installation/disassembly time, saving on labor costs.

With this kind of flexibility, we have a feeling these panels will become a mainstay display solution.