Event Management and Audio Visual for Chicago Business and Associations.

Event production

Event production for corporate meetings and annual conferences requires highly technical and mission-specific audio visual requirements. So much goes into the elements that deliver sight, sound, and direction. Can your event production partner answer questions like these?

Event Specification

  • Are you planning a meeting or putting on a show?
  • Do you know the determining factors of what requires more advanced equipment and production help?
  • Do you need guidance about the difference between event staging and stage craft?

Space Planning & Adaptation

  • Do event attendees miss essential information by either not clearly seeing or hearing presenters?
  • Is presentation design and standardization an ongoing issue?
  • Have unconventional event spaces caused planning headaches?

Streaming Technology Application

  • Do your event streaming protocols match the scope of your event?
  • Are the different types of streaming technology hardware and software still a mystery?
  • How important is high-definition video in event production?

Contract Review

  • Can you recognize potential event AV budget killers?
  • Is paying additional hotel fees and service charges an ongoing issue?
  • Do you want to understand the value you’re getting at the very beginning?
  • Does your audio-visual and event production partner actively work to establish a balance of “want vs. need”?

Expertise & Professionalism

  • Are your hotel-based events prone to production errors and inefficiencies?
  • Do on-site technical faults go uncorrected?
  • Are you presented with a step-by-step event planning approach that manages every phase of AV use and application?

Transportation, Access & Setup

  • Do you pay unexpected labor costs when moving equipment?
  • Are you aware how “when” accessing the event space can impact cost?
  • Have you paid excessive charges to access power?

Draw on our event production experience honed over 6,500 events to anticipate and resolve problems like these and unexpected event production issues before they become a problem. Because relentless focus on every detail drives flawless execution. 

Stage Right has become an extension of our Association and are like family. We trust and value our partnership. They have a key role in the success of our meetings.”

–Alzheimer’s Association

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