6 AV Essentials Every Event Planner Should Know

Posted on: October 9, 2018

Every corporate event, from gargantuan multi-day conferences with thousands of attendees and all the way to down to a modest internal stakeholder presentation, requires planning that should begin with AV. No matter the size, event planners should keep the following six AV essentials under their collective belts when looking to deliver an effective experience.

  1. Think Event Size and Scope

At the outset of an event, think of the “Go To Jail” card from the board game, Monopoly. Internalize the “Do not pass Go. Do not collect $200” message by always considering event size and scope first.

Essentially, do nothing else until you have a good grasp on anticipated attendees. That will determine how big the venue should be to accommodate the number of chairs (or table and chairs) for the type of anticipated presentations. Discussing this with your AV partner can then help you…

  1. Talk Budget

There is everything right about having an honest conversation about budget at the beginning. Clearly express what your budget is and what you expect from your event. Your AV partner should ask a range of questions about event objectives and attendees.

If your event is a more casual affair, a simple set up of a small PA system and a pair of monitors may be all that is required. However, adding multiple presenters, a dais, and the presence of higher-level corporate officers will likely demand more equipment for a more polished production.

This is where the AV specialist can supply advice on what equipment they recommend and the right number of people to run the show. This combined intel will help you…

  1. Negotiate the Venue Contract

Before you sign the contract with the venue, include an addendum that preserves your option to use your own AV provider for the event without fees or penalties. Working with an external AV company gives you greater creative freedom.

Also, since the outside company doesn’t have to give commission to the venue, they can deliver more for your money than the in-house AV option. The key is to negotiate for this in the beginning before you sign with the venue—otherwise, you’ll be hit with a variety of restrictions and fees.

Your AV partner can help you with the contract language you need to guarantee your freedom to choose an AV vendor while avoiding penalties. Once you have that, turn your AV essentials list to aesthetics, such as…

  1. Creative Lighting 

A ballroom is a ballroom. Creative lighting can be a simple way to make a room pop without adding much to your AV costs. Whether colorful or white, static or dynamic, lighting sets the mood and atmosphere for your event. The right lighting can make the plainest spaces look grand and vibrant as well as emphasize the unique features of a space.

Whether it’s colorful uplighting on the walls, incorporating lighting in your stage design, or a spotlight in just the right location, effective lighting will make your event shine. And just as important as lighting is…

  1. Optimized Sound

There’s nothing like poor sound at an event to make an immediate negative impression on your attendees. A single sound glitch is hard to recover from and it will stick in your attendees’ minds.

There is an awful lot that goes into good sound at an event, from microphone position and the room’s acoustics, to how many speakers are needed and positioning the speakers to deliver excellent sound while being visually unobtrusive.

An experienced AV partner can address these issues before the event to ensure everything goes off without a hitch. Once these presentation essentials are in place, then explore event elevation elements via…

  1. Technology

Because you’ve nailed down all the fundamental AV requirements, explore how more dynamic presentation elements can raise up your audience experience beyond a traditional projector and screen.

Upgrade your event with the latest technology like projection mapping, digital signage and LED walls to give your audience more memorable surrounding factor and stick in the minds of your attendees. Your AV partner can provide guidance on how to bump up your event no matter what your budget constraints.

A flawless event needs skilled AV project managers involved in the planning process to avoid any hiccups. With a strong AV company at your side, you’ll benefit from their experience and receive expert advice, as well as strategic insights to elevate your events. Working through these AV event essentials delivers forethought, communication, cooperation, and partnership for a seamless event virtually every time.

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