Video Technology


  • d3 Technology

    Video Mapping server with industry leading power and flexibility. Driving 4 DisplayPort outputs at 2560 x 1600 and playing 12HD movie load per server, this is a scalable workhorse.

  • Christie Vista Spyder

    Mix an incredible number of sources in multiple windows, create all kinds of Picture-in-Pictures (PIPs), define, shape, and blend borders with remarkable ease, and do it all without a hitch, every single time.

  • Ross Carbonite Switcher

    Make every source, internal and external, available at the touch of a button without the use of shift buttons. The additional memory keypads dedicated to each MLE makes live production even easier.

  • Barco Encore Controller LC

    Designed for advanced applications involving up to 64 input videos and 32 screens.

  • PlaybackPro Plus

    The standard for full high-definition and standard definition playback.  It surpasses the capabilities of DDRs, DVD players, and video tape machines, and is tailored to the unique demands of the professional presentation industry.

  • Ki Pro

    Tapeless video recording. Work with footage immediately without the need for special file importers or transcoding steps.