Camera Rentals For

Event Producers


  • Sony HDC-1550

    A triax-based, multi-format HD portable camera that offers a broad choice of interlace and progressive formats, great picture quality, and enhanced operational flexibility.  It incorporates a newly developed CCD imager and DSP LSI — two key devices that allow the HDC-1550 to achieve ultimate picture performance in a variety of scanning modes. The new CCD can accommodate all existing interlace and progressive scan formats ranging from 1080/50i and 1080/59.94i to 1080/24P.   It can also capture the highest-possible quality 720/50P and 720/59.94P images.

  • Sony HXC-100 HD/SD System Camera

    Equipped with newly developed digital triax technology, which allows systems to be configured with conventional triax. The HXC-100 camera supports versatile applications for HD with a high-quality SD output. It uses the latest 14-bit A/D conversion circuit as well as the superb 2/3-inch Power HAD FX CCDs to bring out high picture quality.

  • Sony BRC-H700

    A high-definition, all-in-one, robotic color video camera for remote shooting applications.