Audio Equipment



  • Yamaha M7CL-48

    Digital live sound mixing with the comfort and efficiency of analog.

    An innovative Centralogic™ control interface makes these digital live-sound consoles as intuitive to use as analog consoles.

  • Yamaha LS9-32

    Lightweight, compact digital mixer with advanced features and outstanding sound quality.
  • JBL Vertec Line Array

    An all-purpose loudspeaker with a variety of uses: from single stand-alone fill speakers to complex, mixed full-range and subwoofer arrays.

  • JBL VRX900 Series

    A unique vestal speaker system that bridges portable PA and concert tour sound applications. It provides convenient plug-and-play operation.


    Rock-solid engineering and unparalleled RF performance provide sound professionals with all the features and flexibility they need to tightly control up to 160 systems for the most elaborate productions.